Hyundai HY1000Si
Hyundai HY1000Si Hyundai HY1000Si Hyundai HY1000Si Hyundai HY1000Si Hyundai HY1000Si Hyundai HY1000Si Hyundai HY1000Si

Hyundai HY1000Si



  • Runtime: 6.5 hours @ 50% load
  • Warranty: 3 year

The all new Hyundai HY1000Si Invertor Generator is the perfect Hyundai application for novice Caravan, motorhome and camping fanatics. The 1kW output offers both economically sound and safe power with minimum noise pollution. The Hyundai model comes equipped with an integrated “Eco” mode to reduce fuel consumption and extend the lifespan of the engine. The HY100Si represents fantastic value and is half the price of the equivalent Honda The 14Kg lightweight, highly portable composition of the HY1000Si is combined with easy setup and maintenance, ideal for holidays and vacations. The Hyundai invertor generator has become increasingly admired within the leisure market not only for its compact portability but for its cost effective fuel efficiency, making this a generator ideal for entry level campers. The low noise level of 58db at a range of 7 meters ensures an environmentally friendly campsite with little sound disruption. The HX53 petrol engine with 2.2L fuel tank boasts a 6.5 hour run time at 50% load, meaning you can enjoy a variety of leisure activities without constantly having to refuel. Typically, this generator will be used for keeping the leisure battery in the caravan or motorhome charged, powering a TV or Laptop and lighting but it can also handle having sensitive appliances plugged directly into it without overloading the items in question. The control panel produces a clean 230V Output and includes a 12v DC battery charging outlet, ideal for a variety of uses. The HY1000Si can be run off LPG, providing further options for the caravanning community.

Model HY1000Si
Prime Power (kW) 0.9
Standby Power (kW) 1.0
Prime Power (kVA) 0.95
Standby Power (kVA) 1
Noise 58dB at 7m @ 7mt
Run Time 6.5 hours @ 50% load
Warranty (yrs) 3 years
Dimensions (L/W/H) 451/242/379
Dry Weight (KG) 14
Phase 1
Starting Method recoil
Fuel Type petrol
Fuel Capacity 2.2
Sockets 1 x 13 amp 240V ‘domestic’ sockets and one 12V DC socket
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