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More About Leisure

Leisure generators from Generator Warehouse....when you want to get away from it all but don’t want the full Bear Grylls style adventure, you will need an independent power supply. A leisure generator from Generator Warehouse, sometimes known as a caravan generator or an inverter generator is typically small, very easy to transport, lightweight, highly efficient and can run on petrol or LPG. A Generator Warehouse leisure generator will keep you safe in the knowledge that you can rely on a dedicated power supply whenever and wherever you want it, and when you want to boil the kettle you can do so without fear of depleting power from another source. Confusingly there are many alternative names for leisure generators and it is easy to see how people can become confused over what type is right for them. They can be called ‘portable generators’, ‘suitcase generators’ as well as ‘petrol generators’. In short, if you want to use a small generator to help power appliances in a mobile home, static home, caravan or motorhome, an inverter generator (‘inverter’ is the technology used in the generator which helps regulate output based on demand) would be the ideal choice. Why? Because they are quiet, fuel efficient, easy to carry about, can run on gas as well as petrol and are relatively economical in terms of capital outlay. A frame based generator would not be suitable for most leisure applications because they are noisier, need more space and are not usually configured to work with sensitive equipment such as TV/DVD players.

Some example categories are listed below that fit the Leisure generator category:

• Canal boats

• Caravanning

• Static homes

• Bouncy Castles

• Small DIY jobs

Some examples of equipment that can run off a leisure generator (Inverter generator)

• TV

• Laptop/PC


• Low powered lighting

• Microwave

Caution: If you try to power everything at once you may run the risk of stalling your generator, use our category size guide to make sure you have the right generator for your needs. If you need more advice or you are not quite sure what you need, we would be happy help. Click on the live help button to the bottom right of your screen and link to webchat or book a call back for some sound advice.