900kVA Cummins Ready for Acoustic Canopy

Generator Warehouse was recently subcontracted by a fellow generator supply and installations company in Stockport. We dispatched a 900kVA Cummins open set generator, battery charger, engine water heater and motorised MCCB. These will then be supplied to a subcontracted acoustic equipment specialist within the backup and power generation sector. Upon the subcontractor’s completion of the enclosure for the open set and auxiliary equipment, we will also provide our services in the commissioning of the set, once installed by the primary contractor.

Our client, who delivers “bespoke power systems designed to the customer’s specification,” sourced the generator and component parts from Generator Warehouse as we carry large amounts of stock and have a particularly good relationship with Cummins – our sister company, YorPower, is one of the largest Cummins dealers in UK. Here at Generator Warehouse, we possess a superior product range, promising quick delivery times. We also have auxiliary generator components from a range of brands, in stock and ready to go. Our sister company, PPS Power, specialise in the servicing and commissioning of generators. The ability to provide an all-encompassing service, including products and commissioning, gave us the competitive edge over other suppliers. Generator Warehouse are able to offer a complete end-to-end solution, from design to final commissioning.

The subcontractor specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke acoustic and thermal equipment for a number of different areas within the backup power and power generation sectors. Our client has specified a maximum noise level requirement of 75dBA. The subcontractor will therefore construct the noise attenuating container to house the open set Cummins generator and associated equipment supplied by Generator Warehouse in order to achieve this specification. With the generator being larger in size, along with an array of add-on equipment, a custom fit enclosure is required.

Why is a container needed?

As this generator is particularly powerful, a significant noise level is produced which can cause significant disruption – highly inconvenient if it is required to be in a working or leisure vicinity, where people will be affected.

A 40 ft container is generally advised for a 900kVA generator this size. Bespoke generator enclosures are also sometimes required in order to suit more restrictive footprint and airflow requirements where extra silencing is required. Customised enclosures also allow for more flexible spatial configurations. Aside from the legal regulations that need to be met by generator enclosures, electrical contractors also have specific standards and requirements. Non-containerised diesel generators are extremely loud and disruptive. Furthermore, working in close proximity to diesel generators can cause hearing loss without protective equipment. Laws and regulations have been introduced due to the significant health threats posed by loud generators.

What is a sound-proof container made of?

Layered composite materials such as hard metals are what constitute the sound sound absorption capabilities of generator enclosures. Different materials are suited to different frequencies. High frequencies are typically better absorbed by porous materials which allows the sound waves to be scattered and then absorbed as smaller waves. An advanced technique is used to contain lower frequencies produced by diesel generators. This is referred to as the “air pocket” technique. This involves the incorporation of thin panels of material which are separated with wide, shallow air gaps.

Other than the noise reducing element, what are the other purposes of generator enclosures?

Where land space is an issue, bespoke enclosures are a requirement too. Containers can be stacked vertically using support pads, steel structural frames, steps and walkways. Additionally, enclosures can be bunded which allows for the storage of fuel which maximises the efficiency of the enclosed generator and reduces output costs. Another use of generator enclosures is to protect the generator from harsh weather conditions. From freezing cold temperatures and rain/ snow in the winter months, to hot/humid weather in arid climates. Finally, a generator enclosure allows for the integration of auxiliary electrical components, walk-in maintenance doors for ease, allowing for a more complete generator solution.

For more information on generator enclosures and regulations, visit this page.

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