Generator Installations

Installation of your generator will be carried out professionally if you choose Generator Warehouse as your supplier.  Your generator must be installed by qualified engineers or electricians to ensure it is fit for purpose and will operate as it has been designed to.  Equally important is the electrical installation of power and auxiliary cables to ensure safe termination close to your consumer unit (fuse board).  All domestic generator installations are carried out by NICEIC registered and ’17th Edition’ qualified electricians who will certify works on completion.  There is a potential danger, if you were to choose to ‘go-it-alone’ and install the generator yourself, that you could inadvertently invalidate the Warranty and possibly cause danger to yourself and your property.  For business backup generator installations Generator Warehouse use professionally qualified mechanical and electrical engineers who are familiar with commercial and industrial applications.  Generator Warehouse will issue RAMS, a Health and Safety Policy Statement and full method statements, including drawings as necessary.

Whether for business backup or domestic home backup it is essential your generator functions as you expect it to, so that when you experience a power cut, for any reason, your generator takes over and provides the supply whilst mains is off. It is easy to overlook the importance of getting the generator installation absolutely right; it is as important as buying the hardware in the first place.

A Generator Warehouse generator installation will give you the peace of mind and protection when you need it most and will support your home or business automatically.  Your generator will typically run on diesel, sometimes gas (LPG) fuel, and will normally be positioned outside.  The generator installation will ensure that your generator delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system or business infrastructure, backing up your entire system or just the essential and critical items.  What are the major aspects of generator installation?

Automatic start up when mains fails

Don’t worry about having to be there to start and stop your backup generator because it will operate automatically, with or without you being there.  The Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) will see to that.

Generator fuel and run time limit

Your home backup or business critical generator will run on diesel fuel and will typically run for a minimum of 8 hours before it will need refueling.

If you want to request a call back or talk to an expert we are available to help you between 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday and between 9.00am and12.00noon Saturday and Sunday.

Whilst initially a power cut may seem exciting, very quickly the realisation of what you cannot do kicks in.  Be safe, buy a backup generator from Generator Warehouse and get it professionally installed.

Generator Installation Costs

This is a guide price only and covers domestic works inside the M25 that would take approximately 2 days


Work would include moving the generator by pallet truck from the road side to its final, fully prepared, location (assuming it is not possible to drop the generator into position by hiab type vehicle) and assumes no other mechanical works are required.

Includes price for all power and auxilliary cables including tray and cable terminations.  All generators will come with a battery charger, water heater and remote start system (10 meters maximum run for cable)

Includes price to fit and supply a mains isolation switch up to 100 amp Single Phase

Includes fitting of an ATS panel

Includes commissioning at time of installation

Based on generator sizes between 5kW diesel and 30kW diesel

Exclusions: Does not allow for fuel or seperate commissioning.  May require a site visit