Backup Generator Power news for your Home – will the UK suffer Power Cuts this winter? Should I buy a Diesel Generator?

During the last week, headlines like, “The UK is racing towards a winter energy crisis” and, “The total number of failed energy suppliers hits seven in the past year, including five within the past five weeks, rounded off with,”In total, about 2 million people have been affected by these supplier failures” causes huge anxiety to both public and businesses. This coupled with the fact that a large proportion of our electricity is imported from France, The Netherlands and Ireland gives even more credence to a possible shortage in supply. Should I rush out and order a generator right now? Read on…

The mix of how and where we source our mains electricity demand for the UK varies, however, broadly it breaks down like this (pre Covid):

Fossil Fuels (Oil, Gas, Coal): 48%
Nuclear: 25%
Renewables (Wind, Solar, Biofuel, Hydro elec): 27%

The National Grid say:

  • 4,481 miles (7,212 kilometres) of overhead electricity lines
  • 1,391 miles (2,239 kilometres) of underground electricity cables
  • 4,740 miles (7,630 kilometres) of high-pressure gas pipes
  • 8 GW capacity of interconnectors in operation or under construction
  • 90% of electricity imported by our electricity interconnectors will be from zero carbon sources by 2030
  • By 2024 our electricity interconnectors will import enough energy to power 8 million homes

So, the key question really is, should I buy a backup diesel generator or small Honda generator for my home because of the uncertainty in the market? Answer, No. However, ironically if you work from home and/or run a business from home that relies on power to operate, it is a good idea to have a backup for your server or PC and your essential supplies so that you can still operate in the event a building contractor cuts through a power cable or your local Utility provider decides to turn off the power with little notice.

Diesel generators and small Honda generators are a neat and relatively easy, economic way to backup your home for short term emergencies. They are not a long term economical alternative or for that matter an improved environmental alternative to mains power. Some engines can however now run successfully on HVO fuel which can reduce carbon emissions by up to 90%.

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