Businesses should prepare now so they have the power to remain fully operational

Recent reports indicate that Britain could face three-hour planned power cuts to homes and businesses this winter if it cannot import sufficient supplies of electricity and gas. Therefore, it is now vitally important to ensure your back-up power systems are properly maintained by trained and qualified experts.

Our advice, as one of the industry’s leading back-up power specialists, is:

  • Any outstanding recommendations should be carried out immediately (especially if you add the supply issues across the globe for some parts).
  • Make sure your maintenance routines are up to date.
  • Understand which areas of the building(s) your back-up systems support, so that if you are subjected to a planned power cut you know exactly what that means to your business or establishment.

While we hope that the government’s claim that planned power cuts won’t be necessary, businesses should prepare now so that they have the power to remain fully operational throughout.
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