Generator Warehouse Supply Cummins C220D5E Generator for Care Home in Cumbria

After a recent completion of two projects in Cumbria in December, for separate dementia care providers – one in Carlisle, the other in Copeland -Copeland Dementia Care requested another 200kVA C220D5E Cummins generator from Generator Warehouse.

The order is set for dispatch next Monday and, as on the previous delivery, YorPower will ensure and oversee logistics, from transportation to installation.

The generators that Generator Warehouse have provided are a significant part of the final, wider project. Since planning took place in 2017, our partner – a recognised and very successful construction company are replacing three older care homes with a new, state of the art, £6m, 60-bed residential home. The principle purpose of the home is to provide quality care for the elderly, particularly those suffering from life ruining diseases like Dementia, who require complex care.

With much experience in supplying for this type of market, Generator Warehouse are proud to provide backup power systems for the new development. We are happy to be part of a much wider initiative that aligns with the values of our own company – modernisation of healthcare facilities as well as providing the community with short-term work placements, training opportunities and apprenticeships. The council confirm that the care home is just the start of a wider modernisation programme of care in Cumbria with Peter Thornton, Cumbria County Councillor, describing the previous project in Carlisle that Generator Warehouse provided generators for, as “an exciting development and Carlisle will feel the benefits of this significant investment for many years to come.” Generator Warehouse believe the very same for the Copeland project, and the healthcare developments to follow in the area.