Generator Warehouse Supply Hyundai Diesel Generator set to Farm in Surrey

Generator warehouse just recently dispatched a DHY6000SE Hyundai diesel generator set to a farm located in rural Surrey. With a peak output of 5.2 kVA, the order also included an ATS module and communications cable.

With wide expanses of farmland, the client required a reliable form of back up power. Like the majority of farms, the client is located in a remote area which is more prone to power outages. When a powercut occurs in these areas, they tend to have longer durations. This can be significantly detrimental to all types of agriculture, whether animal or crop. Power outages pose real economic risks for the farming industry, as electricity is needed to provide continuous power to dairy farmers, greenhouses, the poultry industry and other farming applications – making back up power systems absolutely necessary.

Diesel generators are the ideal solution to power outages in off-grid locations, especially with the slow but very real movement away from bulk production to specialised and organic farming which increase production and maintenance costs significantly. Furthermore,the increased demand for such products from restaurants, supermarkets and individual buyers at local markets means the investment in back up diesel generators is now an absolute necessity to keep a farm efficient and economically viable.

The Hyundai DHY6000SE is light, easy to move, simple to operate and fully automated. With a Four stroke air cooled engine and electric start functionality. The engine revs at 3000 rpm and the alternator AVR’s are capable of handling sensitive equipment. All features are perfectly adapted to agricultural applications that can require long running hours.

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