When a clean and reliable supply of electrical power is needed because the mains is beyond reach or just not available, frame generators from Generator Warehouse are the answer. Strong, robust, rugged and fit for the job our frame generators are designed to run power tools all day long, petrol or diesel, each fitted with multi socket outlets to deliver the voltage you need for your site requirements.

Long running fuel tanks, mobile or static frame designs, and fast electric start functionality means you are more productive. At Generator Warehouse we want you to be operational fast. For all account customers we will deliver directly to your preferred address.

Ask us and we will do our best to help. All of our frame generators are all fully mobile and can be easily carried by two people or if you want, trolley mounted to make positioning even easier. If voltage regulation is important because you are powering sensitive equipment, we even supply inverter generators that are frame mounted. Quiet, powerful, reliable, economic fuel consumption all in a frame.