Situated on the outskirts of Leeds Generator Warehouse hold stock of high quality, competitively priced home backup generators.
We currently stock most major manufacturers including Honda, Hyundai, Perkins, Cummins, JCB, Lister Petter, Yamaha and CAT. We also stock E-GEN a great quality, low price alternative to the big name brands.

Direct from factory we offer our Leeds based clients and those in the surrounding areas fast, hassle free delivery on all of our home backup generators.

As the 4th largest metropolitan city in the UK, Leeds requires a substantial amount of power leaving the cities residents vulnerable to power cuts in times of peak demand. Further more recent flooding over the last few years have effected many areas of Leeds and West Yorkshire and many homes have been subjected to days if not weeks of power shortages.

Our home backup generators provide our customers with reliable, safe backup power in the event of mains power failure. All of our generators are fitted with an ATS (automatic transfer switch) which is automatically triggered when the power flow is cut. The ATS system kick starts the generator into action ensuring no power is lost, when mains power returns the system switched back over and the generator shuts down.

For more information on our home backup generators please contact us.