Generator Warehouse supply Yamaha and Honda Generator to Exhibition Trailer Company

Generator Warehouse recently dispatched a Yamaha EF3000is and a Honda EU70is to a company based in Wigan. Our client specialises in the construction and assembly of exhibition trailers that supersede industry standards with their modern and innovative design. Selling on a B to B, as well as B to C basis, with extensive experience in the design and construction of trailers, they offer high quality solutions that can be adapted to suit the customer’s specific requirements. Using the latest CAD technologies, coupled with high performance design packages such as Solid Works, our client’s customers are able to visualise their projects and adapt ideas before the manufacturing process begins. This ensures high satisfaction rates and a personalised journey to suit any type of customer or business.

Generator Warehouse’s range of portable generators are ideal for use on trailers, whether for lighting, heating or cooking. Both, the Honda and the Yamaha are perfectly adapted to such applications. The new Honda EU70is is the largest inverter frame generator in the range and features electronic fuel injection an eco-throttle facility for exceptional fuel efficiency. Additionally, a sealed fuel tank and the absence of a carburettor means that the fuel stays fresher for much longer.

Honda EU70is Petrol Invertor Generators

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Whether a participating business at a trade show, selling merchandise or catering at an event, low noise levels are a real advantage to put the customer at ease rather than feeling overwhelmed and rushed or pressured in their transactions. The Honda EU70is has very low noise levels and high fuel efficiency levels, running for up to 6 hours at full load on a full tank or unleaded petrol and up to 18 hours at 25% load. Equally, The Yamaha EF3000iS inverter generator gives you the power you need for anything from a coffee-maker to a circular saw – in compact, user-friendly form. The EF3000iSE has a 3.0KW capacity and maximum running time of over 20 hours. Ideal for work sites or as a caravan generator where extra power is needed. Equipped with wheels for easy movement.

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